Urban Technique

Mon - Sat | Greg Nesbit / Chris Eades

Incorporating a mix of muaythai and kickboxing techniques this 1 hour class offers something for both the beginner through to the advanced student. Partner pad-work is the key ingredient with instruction from the North Shores most experienced Thaiboxing and kickboxing trainers you are sure to get correct form and kick your heart rate into the burn zone.

Urban Youth

Mon & Wed 3:30/4:15pm | Greg Nesbit

These classes allow our youth to learn under a safe yet challenging environment. We teach kids how to actually defend themselves and not just do “Kata”. Our classes integrate discipline, respect and learning the art of Muay Thai/Kickboxing. Kids get fit, have fun and become “bully” proof.

Urban Women

Wed 7:15 | Amy & Edz

Our women only class is taught by our highly experienced female trainers. It is a great mix of technique and fitness allowing the ladies to not only get the correct form in their punch and kick, but smash out the calories and become a stronger, fitter you.

Urban Fight Team

Mon | Tues | Thurs | Greg Nesbit

Fighters only classes. This is where the reality of what we teach gets put into action. Classes here involve sparring, fighting drills and advanced levels of fitness. Entrance and participation in these are strictly by invite. Those interested in sparring or fighting please advise one of the trainers and a program of improvement can be developed.

Urban Circuit

Sun 9am | Tom Wundheiler

Urban circuit – Our Sunday classes offer an opportunity to develop skills and correct techniques for the use of our Urban Warrior circuit. Pick your aim – Strength or cardio and get to work following a preset high intensity workout designed for maximum gain and pain. Short fast snd hard but well worth the effort. Circuits are running throughout the course of the gyms open hours and one simply needs to just arrive and get into it.


At Urban Sport North Shore we offer a state of the art facility containing training areas for Thai Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and strength and conditioning.